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Sano Madad, Germany which provide 740 pieces of plywood

We committee are very happy to announce that the help we got from Sano Madad, Germany which provide 740 pieces of plywood (8×4 feet and 6 mm in thickness) through Lhakpa Dindu Tamang who is their local representative in Langtang Village. Information provided by Lhakpa Dindu that they spend total sum Rs. 1072000 ( $10720 ) including transportion up to Dunche. We committee like to thank you whole team of Sano Madad on behalf of all Langtangpas.
Our second phase of plywood will be transported to Langtang from 26 February 2016 where many others organisations have contributed.
1. Andrew Mellor (buy and help a cause ) $1000
2. Run for Nepal ($1600 )
3. Rebuild Langtang ( $17000)
4. Association Langtang Reconstruction ( €20000)
5. Sustainable step Nepal ( Langtang Valley Health Australia ) ( $18700)
6.Petra and Dietrich Schwaderlapp "Ukalo"
Germany ($ 5500)
Thank you all for your continuous support toward Langtangpas community. All contributor your helped plywood will be transported to Langtang at different spot where Langtangpas will rebuild from 26 February 2016 and it will be finished by 5 days.
We committee still appeal that we need more support, please do whatever way you can. Your support is needed. Our next target is cement, one family needed 50 sack of cements and we got 12 sack of cements already but now we need 38 sack of cements more for each family. We have 116 families. Please forward this message to everyone and contribute whatever way is best for you. Have a nice time.
With regards,
Temba Lama

Posted by
Lhakpa Tamang Jangba
Communication board team
LMnRe committee

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