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Langtang valley is called home by over 600 Langtangpas. The Langtang Valley was established as a tourism & trekking destination in 1977 as the first national park of Nepal, and is now ranked third among trekking destinations in Nepal. 

The 2015 earthquakes and avalanches changed everything. Seconds after the 7.8 earthquake struck, a glacier above Langtang fell 3'000 meters and decimated the village as we know it. Almost two hundred locals fell victim to the avalanche alongside another two hundred trekkers and tourists. Approximatly five hundred locals have been rescued and are living in Kathmandu as Internally Displaced People. Many have plans to return home and reubild from ground zero. Thats where you come in!


We are looking to partner with organizations, NGO's, volunteers, and people like yourself! 

Our first priority is to get the remaining 116 families into new homes. We will need all hands on deck this coming spring (Februaury) and are looking for vounteers to assist in a variety of activities. With work ranging from clearing rubble to rebuilding homes, volunteers of all skills are needed. But, if high altittudes and rebuilding is not you thing, we also need your support financially. Rebuilding a home is not a cheap endevour. 

Our second priority is to establish the Langtangpas back into a self sustaining livelihood. Which will consist of: Building a health post, school, community hall, monastery, mini hydropower plant etc. During this phase we want to assist them in restarting their businesses, and be able to make Langtang a better place, a better home. 

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